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2016-2017 Siufung's Media Interview


Hornet News

December 2017

“I attempted suicide several times because I felt I was the only one in the world like me. There was hardly any representation of transgender people in the media and the limited amount was mostly negative.”


Time Out Magazine

December 2017

"In a competition, my physique can be embraced. In other contexts, it can be condemned”

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Hong Kong Press Press

November 2017

"Even though it is five years away, I’m already excited about competing in the games in my home city. It will be a major milestone for the LGBT movement in Hong Kong and Asia. I hope it will encourage both LGBT people and the wider community to play sport, but also for sport to be a platform to promote human rights and equality."


Amnesty International

November 2017

"Bodybuilding is a paradoxical sport when it comes to gender, especially for female bodybuilders. It creates the biggest muscular women but at the same time regulates what femininity is."


Ubeat CUHK

October 2017


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October 2017




October 2017

我們很多時候都會預設了一防線,將自己和大眾以我們(Us)和外人 (Others)兩個極端劃分對立,總認為對方不是我,不屬於同一個性別群組,所以就是外人,注定要回避交流,甚至互相敵視。這個絕對的二元對立關係(Binary),不也正是大家極力希望打破的男女性別二分嗎?


Miss Ruthless Workshop

August 2017

"Muscle as Medium: Experience sharing and Training workshop"


Still Loud

September 2017

"My body is a blend of everything."



July 2017


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LEZS Story

July 2017

Siufung modelling for Taiwan lesbian magazine LEZS for a photoshoot session.


Katie Edwards's Interview

June 2017

"Building a muscular body could help me to be more masculine in my social life. When I’m on stage and have to perform my femininity, bodybuilding also helps me to do that."

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Objecta hk01

April 2017


Topick HKET

February 2017


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January 2017

"I want to let people know, women can also have muscles, can have their own ideal body shape that differs from the social expectations"

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Apple Daily

October 2016


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PLUG Magazine

October 2016

“My body is a genderless body. Masculinity is different from muscularity. Having muscles doesn’t make you masculine. Muscles are just part of our human anatomy.”

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August 2016




August 2016

「奧運是頂尖運動員參與,但Gay Games是全民的,除了有運動員參加競賽組,也有社區參與。」



June 2016

「Body building是一種實驗的過程,實驗如何去跨越二元化、界線,這是一種創造。我覺得自己正以身體,進行實驗。」


South China Morning Post

May 2016

"To me, bodybuilding is an experiment as well as a sport. "

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HOKK Fabrica

March 2016

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