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Siufung's Media Interviews

Siufung's unique journey has been actively portrayed on international and local media since 2013. They have conducted 40+ interviews to promote gender and sexual diversity, as well as gender fluidity in Hong Kong.

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Pearl Magazine TVB Hong Kong

December 2019

“I want to be able to participate in the women bodybuilding category, to be able to showcase the world, to everyone and in particular to Asian women themselves, that they can be muscular if they want, and that they do not need to be confined by the cultural binary of what man and woman should look like or behave”

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Roadside Rumours Ep 1: Bodies and Bikinis

October 2019

"Every body type, no matter it is slim, fat or muscular, is beautiful. Beauty shines from within."

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BBC News

February 2019

"I think we should not use chest to decide whether one's gender. Gender is not binary, it could be diverse and fluid. I am just me."


We are family (自己人) radio LIVE

March 2019

Siufung was at Live Radio interview concerning recent debates on trans athletes.


Out Sports

December 2018

“I think a lot of discrimination stems from misunderstanding or ignorance. The worst thing is people who do not want to listen and argue with me instead.
The more I talk to them, I realize they’re not afraid of me, but they’re more affected by some cultural construct of men as being different.”


South China Morning Post

November 2018

“Bodybuilding has also helped me reflect on how much we internalise what society considers masculine and feminine.”

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November 2018

Siufung was interviewed about their view on female bodybuilding and provided several training tips.

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Hong Kong Confidential

November 2018

Siufung  conducted a Radio Interview (Episode 64): The genderqueer bodybuilder with Hong Kong Confidential.

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Amnesty International

November 2018

"Gender is not what you see from the outside"


The News Lens

October 2018

“Bodybuilding is such a contradictory sport,” she says. “It has created the largest and manliest woman in the world, but at the same time it also places the most emphasis on gender distinctions, as even female bodybuilders must exude femininity.”


South China Morning Post

September 2018

“Menstruation is rarely spoken about within the transgender community, especially with trans male individuals,” says Law.


Pop Official Hong Kong

October 2018

"My father once told me, if there is not a path, make your own path so that people behind you will walk easier. And If there is not a path, make it".

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LKFTV Hong Kong

August 2018

"The most important thing is to be yourself"

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JTV Hong Kong

March 2018

"When I meet someone I love, I will tell him that I am a genderqueer, and I am pansexual"



March 2018

"Choose your life, ignore the naysayers."

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Kong Gu

February 2018

"The society should not be singular; discrimination only comes from misunderstanding."


the News Lens

January 2018

Siufung was representing Gay Games Hong Kong 2022 for an interview after the success in bidding.


South China Morning Post

January 2018

“I understand gender identity as a continuous process of becoming,” recalls competitive bodybuilder and gender studies scholar Law Siu-fung. “I did not wake up one day and think ‘I am genderqueer!’”

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